Rolling Thunder 2013

Bamboo Tiger Cage

Every Memorial Day thousands of veterans descend on Washington, DC with a presence that can be felt. Literally. If you can’t feel the pressure coming off an endless stream of Harley’s parading down Independence Avenue, then I doubt you can feel much at all.

Rolling Thunder, named after bombing campaign Operation Rolling Thunder in North Vietnam, ¬†started in 1988 as a demonstration to draw attention to POWs and MIAs that were feared to have been left behind during the Vietnam War. Although Rolling Thunder continues to champion it’s original cause, it has become an event and organization that celebrates the sacrifice of veterans and sponsors military families and individuals in need. I, personally, think it’s a great event because every year it gives so many warriors the opportunity to commune and reunite.

So every year I feel there is no better place for a skinny, white guy in shorts to take his camera and 14 speed bicycle. ¬†I know I should try to fit in a little better, so next year I’ve got a little studded, leather number picked out.

Wishing all our veterans and active duty a great weekend! Thank you for your service and love for our country!