Southern Road Trip

Wow! I really needed this vacation.  I’ve found another key to unwinding.  Visit friends, family, and then the beach after labor day.  There were so many people gone from Fernandina Beach that even some of the restaurants were closed for vacation.  Visiting a sleepy, tourist free St. Augustine after the beach also was a welcome experience.

The people we met were wonderfully kind and gracious, even my swarthy friend below.

Enjoy the video!

Fernandina Beach: 1 Hour Tour

Despite my extreme difficulty pronouncing “Fernandina,” we had a peaceful time there.  It was nice to finally get away and have a real vacation.

I do a lot of traveling with my job, but many times it doesn’t give me the opportunity to really settle in and enjoy an area.  However, I do get the opportunity to rack up massive amounts of hotel points, so the lodging this time around was absolutely free.

The historic and touristy side of town is quite small, so the video was done in a little less than an hour.  Also, this video almost never happened if it wasn’t for the encouragement of my wife prodding me out of bed at 6:00am before a 10.5 hour drive.