Goal #1: Complete-ish…AAAHHHHAHHHH!


Complications. Today we received a call from our buyer’s realtor. It seems that we have an issue involving our condo building, the management company, and our buyer’s lending institutions. The short of it is that we might lose the buyer and might not get a new buyer until all this mess is resolved.

We received this information after going to visit our new two bedroom apartment we began leasing as of today! The past few hours has been a mixture of prayers, phone calls, and emails to try and get everything back on track. We’re working it and would appreciate your prayers.

On the flip side we are very fond of our new apartment. It’s a two bedroom unit above a restaurant in a quaint little corner of Northern Virginia. It’s fantastic. We are the only residential unit in the building, it’s the largest amount of space we’ve ever inhabited since we’ve been married, and we have room for guests.

Of course it’s going to be quite a task to hold on to this place if we are still stuck with our condo.

Before we came back home to our news, we took the opportunity to enjoy the new spring sunshine by taking a walk through our new neighborhood. Recently opened is the Del Ray Variety Store. They lure you in with candy in the window and then keep you hanging around with toys, balloons, art supplies, household supplies, and more candy. We’re sure to be visiting more often, provided the area actually becomes our new neighborhood.

The Woes of a Big Country Truck in the City

Another citation.  Over the past 3 years my not so little F-150 has received nothing but hate.  Parking, registration sticker, and city sticker tickets are all my fault but the dog poo shoved into the door handles, the  ding on the rear bumper from a city of Alexandria vehicle, and the missing relics (useless junk) stolen out of the bed is not showing love to this old country truck.

The warning is for parking too long in a city parking spot.  It appears that in the city of Alexandria, it is no acceptable to keep a truck or car parked in the same spot for more than 72 hours.

You Have Been Warned

I escaped towing by 3 hours but I’m not the only one who was served.  Several other cars were given the same treatment.  As a result the parking lot that once was full for the weekend has dwindled a bit.

Empty Parking Lot

If you look closely on that gorgeous looking classic above, the towing company has their next mark already.  Luckily for me my weekend plans do not entail the impound lot.