Memory Box Monday: Fourth Grade Valentines

Today’s memory box Monday reaches all the way back to 4th grade.  I remember the smell of chalk, the hope of recess, and the terror of a paddling (mostly because if ever the day came that I got one at school, there was sure to be one waiting for me at home).

One of the year’s most anticipated days was always Valentines Day.  Everyone constructed their own Valentines Day mailbox from a paper bag and attached it to their desk or pinned it up in the back of the room.  At some time during the day, the teacher would allow everyone to walk around the room and pass out candy and cards.

Recalling those times, I really liked elementary school celebrations.  In the case of Valentines Day, the cards and candy meant very little to nothing romantically, but it was fulfilling to my 4th grade self to give fun trinkets to friends and it was always fun anticipating what I might receive.  Most of those little keepsakes have stayed with me and some, sadly, have been lost here and there.

To my classmates who drudged through some and all of the 13 years of small private school agony by my side, thank you for all the little things you did to make the ride more bearable.  I wish you all the best, pray that you are living a full and fruitful life, and hope that you are loved by someone close each day of the year.

In case you are wondering who gave the above Valentines:

Thanks again guys! (I just found a third grade Valentine envelope, but perhaps later.)

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