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The Adventures of Elroy & Mabel

Elroy and Mabel are two magical creatures conjured from a cloud of happiness by their mother and creator Elmify. Now all grown up and ready to see the world, Elroy and Mabel travel to exotic locales. This is a pictorial record of those happenings.

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06/30/13 Playa Viva, Juluchuca, Mexico

E&M just returned from a lovely trip at Playa Viva in Mexico. They spent their days enjoying coconut water, walking the beach, hiking in the mountains, and relaxing in the pool.  As a result of this trip, Mabel has decided to take up competitive ping-pong while Elroy has decided to become a yoga instructor. Towards the end of their trip, they had a bout of sock creature stomach bug but bounced back to a full recovery.

01/13/13 Colonial Williamsburg, VA

After a leisurely breakfast at the Blue Talon Bistro, E&M enjoyed a foggy walk through Colonial Williamsburg.

12/23/12 Vidalia, GA

E & M enjoyed a late breakfast with the locals and then took a quick drive through the home of the sweet Vidalia Onion.

12/22/12 Metter, GA

An easy walk through the woods after a long drive:


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