Goal #1: Complete, Really (and Lovely Merchandise)

Pecan and Nut Cracker

We closed on our condo and walked away with a pen, some paperwork, and a box of girl scout cookies. Yeah! Cookies!

Thanks to everyone for all the prayers and encouragement every time we hit a road block the last six months and thanks to all those who helped us move for the past few weeks.  We are now started to get nestled into our new apartment above a great restaurant.  The smells of the restaurant plus the smells of Brandy cooking equals a big win for me and the combination tends to squelch any lingering odors that might or might not be my responsibility.

Pecan Cracker

In other news, we are selling lots of crap highly useful merchandise. If anyone is interested just let me know. If you are not interested, you might still have a good time reading the descriptions.

Random Stuff:

  • Pecan and Nut Cracker: Bust’n Nuts and Taking Names!
  • Mikasa Cameo Platinum Salt Pepper Shake, Shake, Shake, Shakers!
  • Two Cursed Champagne Glasses: Destroy Your Enemies
  • Casserole Dish: Because You Know You Like Casserole
  • 3 White Ceramic Canisters of Wonder
  • Cupcake Carrier: Stuff Your Muffins In It

Furniture (not as entertaining but we’re getting rid of it also)


[Funny Moment] Brandy just pointed out that the title of the article might lead to some raised eyebrows as I had neglected to put “ly” on the end of the word “Lovely” above.[/Funny Moment]

Goal #1: Complete-ish…AAAHHHHAHHHH!


Complications. Today we received a call from our buyer’s realtor. It seems that we have an issue involving our condo building, the management company, and our buyer’s lending institutions. The short of it is that we might lose the buyer and might not get a new buyer until all this mess is resolved.

We received this information after going to visit our new two bedroom apartment we began leasing as of today! The past few hours has been a mixture of prayers, phone calls, and emails to try and get everything back on track. We’re working it and would appreciate your prayers.

On the flip side we are very fond of our new apartment. It’s a two bedroom unit above a restaurant in a quaint little corner of Northern Virginia. It’s fantastic. We are the only residential unit in the building, it’s the largest amount of space we’ve ever inhabited since we’ve been married, and we have room for guests.

Of course it’s going to be quite a task to hold on to this place if we are still stuck with our condo.

Before we came back home to our news, we took the opportunity to enjoy the new spring sunshine by taking a walk through our new neighborhood. Recently opened is the Del Ray Variety Store. They lure you in with candy in the window and then keep you hanging around with toys, balloons, art supplies, household supplies, and more candy. We’re sure to be visiting more often, provided the area actually becomes our new neighborhood.

Goal #1: Complete

Real Estate Photoshoot

We sold the condo! After several months of dealing with doors that leak and moldy floors, we have finally listed and sold our condo. Goal #1 is now 90% complete. Closing is April 12th.

Thanks again to Ralph for the great real estate photos. Here’s a sample of his work.

If you are in the DC area, have an interesting shoot, and want someone to do it for free, you can contact Ralph through his website at Generations Family Photo.

Oh yeah, Craig and Gretchen are pretty cool too 🙂 Thanks for the advice guys. (Got Fresh Breath?)

If you’ve got any idea about what our next step should be (because we don’t have a clue), let us know!