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Del Ray Halloween Parade 2013

We heard that there was going to be a Halloween Parade right in front of our apartment today, however we didn’t realize it was going to start at our end of the street. Everyone, both 2 legged and 4 legged, was out in their costumes today. Thanks to the Alexandria Police Department for another superb job keeping things safe.

DelRayHalloween_001 DelRayHalloween_002 DelRayHalloween_003 DelRayHalloween_004 Del Ray Halloween Parade DelRayHalloween_007 DelRayHalloween_008 DelRayHalloween_009 DelRayHalloween_010 DelRayHalloween_011 DelRayHalloween_012 DelRayHalloween_013 DelRayHalloween_014 DelRayHalloween_015 DelRayHalloween_016 DelRayHalloween_017 DelRayHalloween_018 DelRayHalloween_019 DelRayHalloween_020 DelRayHalloween_021 DelRayHalloween_022 DelRayHalloween_023 DelRayHalloween_024 DelRayHalloween_025 DelRayHalloween_026 DelRayHalloween_027 DelRayHalloween_028 DelRayHalloween_029 DelRayHalloween_030 DelRayHalloween_031 DelRayHalloween_032 DelRayHalloween_033 DelRayHalloween_034 DelRayHalloween_035 DelRayHalloween_036 DelRayHalloween_037 DelRayHalloween_038 DelRayHalloween_039 DelRayHalloween_040 DelRayHalloween_041 DelRayHalloween_042 DelRayHalloween_043 DelRayHalloween_044 DelRayHalloween_045 DelRayHalloween_046 DelRayHalloween_047 DelRayHalloween_048 DelRayHalloween_049 DelRayHalloween_050 DelRayHalloween_051 DelRayHalloween_052 DelRayHalloween_053 DelRayHalloween_054 DelRayHalloween_055


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  2. Charlene Spence Charlene Spence

    Brandy looks so happy in this pic, I love it! Favorite costume: Jailbird bulldog and owner.

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