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Memory Box Monday: My Life in 66 Seconds

To try and squeeze your whole life into 66 seconds is a task. There are so many small pieces that I would have liked to include, but you have to pick the highlights. Actually, you have to pick the highlights of the highlights and hope it’s entertaining.

The challenge to make this video came from Elmify:

…and here is my response:

My wonderful wife was a great help with her suggestions, acting, and camera handling skills.  The bit on either side of the flashback is real. Don’t wrong my wife. She is a gypsy and if wronged, will hunt you down like a rabid animal. Have a nice day!


  1. Joe Goney Joe Goney

    FYI–You’re friends are fat because they eat when they’re sad and they’re sad because they eat!

    • I thought they were fat because they eat when they’re happy and they are happiest when they eat.

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